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Our SEO Processes

With so many SEO companies claiming to be the best, how do you decide ? Here's how we go about ranking your website to the top of various search engines. We use only ethical techniques with absolute no risk of harming your present rankings.
Step 1
The first step in the SEO process is analysis. Once a query comes in, we perform preliminary analysis of keywords, market, competitors, incoming and outgoing links and test the website for other optimization benchmarks at the beginning of the project (if it is a new web site). This report is emailed to the client as a goodwill gesture.

Step 2
If feasible, we meet our clients in person or discuss what they want to achieve through web conferencing or telephone. It is here that we set targets and plan our plan of action for the entire process.

Step 3
Next, with the help of best web tools we perform a detailed keyword analysis where we show discuss detailed reports with our clients and give them the best suited SEO package according to the specific needs and the discussed target. Our self researched and developed proprietary software (developed at SteadySoft Inc) including the web crawler which acts like any other search engine crawler, helps analyze the website in depth and generate subsequent reports.

Step 4
Once the client approves the appropriate package, our SEO experts initiate work in co-ordination with our technical department.

Step 5
If it is a ready made website, our experts determine the relevance of the page names, page title, Meta tags etc along with the page content. This information (especially the content) is sent over to the client for approval which is subsequently modified. In case of new websites our SEO experts determine the appropriate content for every single page (which suits search engine criteria such as keyword placement, keyword density etc) along with our team of content writers.

Step 6
As the content is being prepared, we ensure that every page on the website has a proper coding as per the W3C principles, and no pages lack appropriate Meta tags, Titles, Alt texts, Anchor texts etc.

Step 7
Our SEO experts also determine proper flow of the website, promoting the most effective internal link structure. This helps the search engine crawlers to index the website more effectively.

Step 8
The programmers at SteadySoft Inc also ensure that the website has no broken links, the code text ratio is optimum and the link structure is exactly as per the SEO guidelines.

Step 9
Once everything on the website is final, our programmers design site-maps which are fed into the website as well as are submitted to the search engines.

Step 10
For analysis, our research team immediately applies the analysis software like google analytics or statscounter etc, with which we start monitoring the daily trend of visitors and (for e-commerce websites) the goal conversion and the hits on every relevant page.

Step 11
It is very important to keep updating the website during the course of SEO process and our expert content writers do just the same. They update the website regularly with keyword rich as well as resourceful content.

Step 12
Next, we submit the website to all the prominent search engines and search directories like DMOZ, YAHOO, JOEANT, ASK, ALTAVISTA etc. This is a very important step to get effective in-links directing to the website. This helps a website with the page rank as well as search engine rankings and traffic.

Step 13
Our content writers initiate more external blog entries, article directory submissions etc which not only help the website to get effective and powerful inlinks, but get a perfect reputation in the market along with huge incoming traffic.

Step 14
These blog entries and the articles placed on external web directories are optimized separately so that once these content entries get a good page rank and a good placement; they also help the parent website with the Page rank and search engine placement.

Step 15
Our team of online promotion executives explores all web and media promotion aspects as well as help in networking and link building. This promotes prospective sale queries and improves the traffic trends.

Step 16
The online promotion executives initiate the Pay Per Click campaigns on search engines with most appropriate keywords. This helps the website get in effective leads for its business.

Step 17
We also offer E-Newsletter promotion services to our clients for better traffic trends and query conversion through the website. This is the general strategy which our SEO experts at SteadySoft Inc implement to optimize websites on prominent search engines.