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Why us

There are plenty of companies where you can get a website created. In fact, we're sure you have done a ton of searching, received quotes and you may still be

on the fence on which company to choose. By choosing Steady Soft Inc, you get top of the line design AND functionality... all at a great price!

Steady Soft Inc should be your web design/development company for one simple reason: We're not done until you're satisfied.

5 Steps for getting onto the web

Request a quote by filling out the online form - or give us a
call. We'll then be in touch to clarify your exact requirements and iron out any details. Please be as detailed as possible, so we can give you a proper timeline and quote.

We then ask for a deposit of 20% of
the complete cost to be paid in advance, prior to starting
your project.
We will request you supply us with any text and images you wish to use in digital format (send content in Word or something similar). If you have sample websites, brochures, content, etc, now is the time to send them.


We'll create a mock-ups of your website. If you're unhappy with the first round, we keep working until you are satisfied

Once you are totally happy with the mock-ups and details, we'll get to programming the website.

We upload the site to our server to test in
all main web
browsers and debug. We provide you
with a log-in and password to view your website,
keeping you
involved during the entire process!

We upload the site
to the web, create a Google sitemap and submit your website to all major search engines. You now have a brilliant new website, produced
by our team with YOUR input
throughout the
entire process!

It's now just a small matter of paying
your final invoice - which you will get shortly!


How do I pay?
Love your new website? Then spread the word!
We accept major credit cardsWe will send you an invoice in which you can pay with a Credit card.

Or, you can use Paypal to process your payment, it's really straight-forward and totally secure.

Or, if you prefer we can accept checks, but require these to be cleared into our bank account prior to starting any work on your website.

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